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I couldnt concentrate on my work, and that made me feel worse because I was afraid I would fail my write an essay for me. I felt completely useless some days it hardly seemed worth getting out of bed. I was on edge all the time and the smallest thing would make me cry. Eventually a friend persuaded me to go to the doctor, and it was such a relief when he said I think youre depressed.

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Students organization – writing an essay!

There were more student organizations than I can count for people from certain ethnic backgrounds. There was an African American student organization, an Indian student organization, Chinese, Japanese, you name it, we had it. There were also countless organizations for students who lived on campus (many of whom didnt have to work). Study sessions were held usually between 5-7pm for most classes.

There was no working students organization. Truthfully, I think that if universities would stop catering to just a couple of groups and focus on education for everyone as a whole, students would be a lot better off. I am a white female. Please dont go off and accuse me of being racist, because that isnt what I am trying to say at all. What I writing an essay for college saying is that EVERYONE regardless of their race, gender, or ethnicity should have an even shot at getting a good education.

I think that singling certain groups out is unfair to everyone. My professors didnt seem to care about my economic situation. I once had a professor tell me that I was foolish for thinking that I could go to college and work full time. What choice did I have.